Big White Winter Rally 2011 Event Summary

From draft supplementary regulations:

The Big White Winter Rally is a reconnaissance performance rally consisting of special stages, transits and a rallyX style super special. The total length of the event will be approximately 220 km, with approximately 130 km of special stages (overall percentages: 58% stage, 42% transit). Stage road surfaces will be ice and snow covered gravel.  Studded tires are permitted; however, they must be street legal and no ice racing tires are allowed.


The stage routebook will be very elementary; therefore, recconaissance is very strongly encouraged. The Big White Rally is a reconaissance WINTER EVENT.  This is not a rally that can be driven blind, and no detailed stage notes are provided.  Teams must be prepared for exposure to cold and snow.  Warm clothing and other basic winter amenities should be stored in the rally cars, so that drivers and codrivers can keep warm if they are stuck on stage.  Service crews need to be adequately prepared for outdoor service as well.

There is no fuel available at the resort, and teams must leave Grand Forks or Kelowna with all the fuel, including for recce and service crew, that the team will need for the weekend.

Early entry closes November 21st at midnight.  Full supplementary regulations to follow.


Big White Winter Rally Sponsor: Big White Ski Resort
The Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru
Frontech Solutions Inc.