Big White Rally

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Approximately 60 volunteers will be needed for 2021. 

Volunteer registration will be by email invitation from our previous experienced volunteers.  Please register here.  Radio operators are always required. You will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator after you register.  Registration does not guarantee volunteer assignment as there are many factors to consider when selecting this year’s volunteers.

Please fill out the survey with all of the requested information. If you are registering multiple people, ensure that you refresh the form by clicking the link near the top of the form page or you’ll overwrite your previous submission.

When you have been approved for the 2021 volunteer crew, you will receive information about your assignments, especially as the event approaches.

Public Health Orders 

For the 2021 Big White Winter Rally we will be relying on core, experienced volunteers to form their own preexisting or regional bubbles that they will maintain for the entire event.  These groups will be accommodated together.  Please familiarize yourself with updated Interior Health guidelines available on the IH website:
At the time of posting, Interior Health mandates that any outdoor gathering of more than 100 participants requires proof of vaccination for all participants, including volunteers. Vaccinated volunteers from outside BC will be required to present valid passports from their regulatory authorities in keeping with provincial requirements:

 The safety of everyone involved, including the host community, and the continued success of the Big White Winter Rally are contingent upon the participation and cooperation of all involved with this event.

Given indoor gathering restrictions, we strongly advise all volunteers to come prepared with everything needed for extended time outdoors including extra layers, auxiliary shelters, and extra fuel for warming of vehicles.  We will update the guidelines around the use of the Westridge Warming Hut closer to the event.  Big White is a winter environment and colder than average conditions are forecasted during this 2021-2022 La Nina season.

We want to ensure everyone’s individual comfort during these unprecedented times. Plase contact the coordinator if you would prefer to provide your own accommodations.  We will look forward to hosting more and new volunteers back at the event in the future if restrictions are reduced.



Volunteers can be accommodated for the nights they are helping with the event, primarily Saturday, and possibly Friday if you are assisting with stage setup and recce.  Local volunteers will travel to their assignments from home. The event is ending earlier this year so most volunteers should be able to travel home on Sunday afternoon.

If you require accommodations provided by the rally you must register prior to NOVEMBER 25, 2021.  This is the deadline requested by the resort to allow them to prepare for a large group of guests arriving on the mountain.  Please organize your friends and register early!


Big White Winter Rally Sponsor: Big White Ski Resort
The Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru
Frontech Solutions Inc.