Big White Rally

The Supplementary Regulations for the 2014 Big White Winter Rally can be downloaded here.

BW2014 SuppRegs Final


Big White Winter Rally  December 6-7 2014

The rally will be held under the Rally General Competition Rules of the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS), the current CARS Rally Regulations, and the Western Canada Rally Championship regulations.

These publications will be available for scrutiny at registration, and at:



Title of the Event
The name of the rally is “2014 Big White Winter Rally.”

This event is sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and is part of the Western Canadian Rally Championship and the Cascadia International Rally Championship.


Organizing Committee

Organizing Club                                           West Coast Rally Association

Volunteer Coordinator /     Nicki Lachapelle          250 574 4363

Clerk of Course                  Keith Morison               403 510 5689

Logistics                              Martin Burnley               780 904 6125

Scrutineer                            TBD

Competitor Liaison            Martin Burnley               780 904 6125

Registrar                              Keith Morison     


Rally Officials

Steward                                 Alan Perry           

Steward in Training           Mellissa Hardy

Scoring                                  Paul Westwick

Scrutineer                             Paul Westwick

Timing                                   Kurt Schantz

Car 0                                      Chris and Jeff Braun

Car 98                                    Dave Steeper



Inn at Big White Conference Rm           Headquarters and Registration
Volunteer Meetings
Novice Meeting

Happy Valley Day Lodge                          Introduction of Officials (Drivers Meeting)
Awards Party

Happy Valley Parking Area                     Official Rally Start and Finish

Inn at Big White Garage                           Technical Inspection
Introduction of Officials



Wednesday November 26    End of early registration (midnight)

Wednesday December 3      Seeded draw and start order posted

Friday December 5                

1900 – 2100                              Stage Rally and Recce Registration
Inn at Big White Conference Room

Saturday December 6

0800 – 0830                               Stage Rally and Recce Registration,
Inn at Big White Conference Room

0830                                           Novice Driver’s Meeting (Seed 5 & 6)
Inn at Big White Conference Room

0930                                           Reconnaissance begins at Gem Lake start

1800                                           Start of last stage closes to recce traffic

1800 – 2030                              Stage Rally Technical Inspection (by appointment)
Inn at Big White Garage

1800                                           Overnight Rally Car Parking opens at Inn at Big White. (Specific parkade will be posted on the bulletin board)

2030                                           Volunteer Training Session
Inn at Big White Conference Room

Sunday December 7

0800                                           Driver’s Meeting and introduction of officials
Inn at Big White Parkade, overnight parking.

0845                                           Stage Rally first car out

1830                                           First Car Finishes (approximate)

1930                                            Awards Party

2000                                           Rally Podium



The 6th annual Big White Winter Rally is a performance rally consisting of special stages and short transits. The total length of the event will be approximately 211 km, with approximately 126 km of special stages (overall percentages: 60% stage, 40% transit). Stage road surfaces will be ice and snow covered gravel.

The elevation of the special stages ranges from 863m to 1635m above sea level.



The maximum number of entries will be limited to 40 cars in the order of receipt of entries. Entries will be accepted until 0830 on Saturday December 6, 2014.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry.

Please register for the event by using our online entry form available at or on the event website.

Please register early to assist organizers in service park planning and other basic rally operations.


Entry Fees

Early entry fee         $650 CDN

Late entry fee                $850 CDN if received after Wed. November 26, 2014.

The fee includes two tickets to the awards party.
(Additional tickets will be available at registration on Friday/Saturday for $25.)

All cheques and money orders are payable to WCRA and must be current dated, or post-dated no later than December 5, 2014. The full entry fee must accompany the completed entry form for it to be considered an early entry.

Preferred payment is via Interac email transfer. Send payments to with the security answer BigWhite

For credit card payment please contact the registrar with your credit card details, including the postal/zip code for the address the statements are mailed to.

If that is not possible, paypal can be used by emailing to (category = service), and email your entry to the registrar.



As per CARS GCR 4.9, an entry may be withdrawn without penalty up to 48 hours before the start of registration. Refunds will be sent by mail following the rally.



Trophies will be awarded for first Overall, first Novice and first in each vehicle class, as defined for the Western Canadian Rally Championship: 4WD Open, 4WD Production, 2WD Open, 2WD Production, Group D and Group 5, provided there is more than one car entered in the class.

A regional novice driver is defined as one who starts a rally season having completed five or fewer regional, divisional or national performance rallies as a first driver, and has not finished first or second in a previous regional novice championship.

Local Competitor Driven Cash Purses

Regional rallies in the Pacific Northwest have been fostering a local tradition of camaraderie through voluntary cash collections for novel awards such as ‘top 2wd’, ‘best service crew save’ or ‘last but finished.’ The specific purses can be listed by anyone, please follow the thread at

Contribution jars will be available at registration, and everyone is encouraged to suggest an award and/or donate a few dollars towards these purses.


Documents & Regulations

See CARS NRR I B for the list of documents that must be presented at registration.


US Competitor Eligibility

Residents of the USA who do not hold a CARS license may compete with a Rally America (RA) or NASA license, subject to the note below. US competitors are encouraged to obtain and confirm that they have personal medical insurance coverage for themselves and their crew before entering Canada.

RA and NASA licensed competitors must register with CARS and complete the CARS event entry permit form available on the CARS web site: under ‘downloads’. The form and fee of $50 CDN per event should be sent to CARS, but may be relayed to CARS through the event registrar if necessary. If you are paying for your permit at the event, print out the form and bring it completed to registration with payment.




US Vehicle Eligibility

Under CARS rules, vehicles registered in any of the United States of America and competing on RA or National Auto Sport Association rally licenses (plus CARS entry permit) shall be acceptable provided that they meet the requirements of the current RA or NASA Rally Rules. Entrants whose cars are entered under this provision must be able to produce, upon request by the officials of the event, a copy of the respective rules. Failure to produce these may result in the vehicle being judged according to CARS rules. However, vehicle classification will be as per CARS regulations. ID package elements from other sanctioning bodies should be covered or removed.

Vehicle Identification

Vehicles will be identified with door numbers, which will be provided. The top 10cm of the windshield, and an area 60cm by 25cm on each front door panel, are reserved for door numbers and event sponsor decals.

We ask that any branding from sanctioning bodies other than CARS be either removed or covered with an opaque material.


Fuel, Fuel Stops, Service & Transits

As per NPR VII A 9, service is restricted to official service parks. As per NPR IV I, refueling is restricted to designated refuel zones. All transits are to be considered quiet zones.   THERE IS NO FUEL AVAILABLE AT THE RESORT. Teams must bring all their fuel for recce, service and competition vehicles.


Studded Tires

Studded tires are permitted; however, they must be street legal and no ice racing tires are allowed. Studded tire rules are as described in the WCRC rules: Tire Studs

Studded tires may be used on Rally West events with the following limitations:

  1. a)  Studs are only allowed on events outside of Manitoba that take place from Oct 1 to Apr 30th of the following year
  2. b)  Studs are only allowed on stand-alone regional events, not on National / Regional combined events.
  3. c)  Studs must protrude no more than 3.5mm from the tread face.
  4. d)  The visible portion of each stud must be no more than 5mm in diameter, and any cross-section of the visible stud (as originally installed) must be perfectly round in shape, and must be of solid construction, not hollow.
  5. e)  The studs must be commercially and commonly available, and of conventional design, from tire dealers in the Rally West or BC regions (i.e., no homemade or specially imported studs).
  6. f)  There must be a maximum of 130 studs per tire, regardless of tire size
  7. g)  Studs must be run on all four corners of the car
  8. h)  All studded tires must be presented to the scrutineer before they can be used on an event
  9. i)  Studs cannot be replaced in, or added to any tire for the duration of the event once the tire has passed scrutineering.
  10. j)  Studs are permitted in all Regional classes.


While not mandatory, recce is STRONGLY recommended for competing teams. The route-book will be elementary, listing only major intersections, radio points and cautions.

Co-drivers should prepare for recce in advance. Black Forest has multiple junctions, and although every effort will be made to mark them clearly, teams may need the route-book to follow the stage road correctly.

Competitors will be allowed a maximum of two passes of each stage road, according to the schedule provided at registration. Depending on road conditions and logging activity, some of the stages may be recced by convoy. Only one direction of recce traffic on stage is permitted at a time.

Recce Registration

Competitors must register at Rally Headquarters to obtain documents required to do recce. These documents include a ‘Recce Card’, the route book, car numbers and a recce schedule. Please inform the registrar what vehicle you will be using for recce. Please submit your completed recce card at scrutineering. Recce cars will be numbered.

Maximum Recce Speed

Logging activity has increased dramatically on the Big White Winter Rally stage roads. Drivers must respect and yield to logging traffic during recce. Remember, your conduct on recce will impact our ability to obtain permits for these roads in the future.

The culture of speeding or driving aggressively on recce will not be tolerated at this event, and the penalties for such behavior reflect this. A maximum speed of 60 Km/h or the posted speed limit, if lower, must be observed on all stages during recce. The fitting and carrying of radar detection equipment during recce is not permitted.

Organizers will be using radar to verify compliance at undisclosed locations throughout the recce. In addition, local residents have been notified, and any reports of speeding during recce or during the transits will be dealt with severely.

Recce Speeding Penalties

Pursuant to CARS GCR 7.8, the organizers of Big White will be applying time penalties to the rally scores for teams found speeding during recce. Penalties will follow the schedule in NRR 17.2 and will be in addition to the cash fines.

1-10 km/h over the limit = 0 seconds
11 km/h = 10s          16 km/h = 65s          21 km/h = 145s        26 km/h = 250s
12 km/h = 20s          17 km/h = 80s          22 km/h = 165s        27 km/h = 275s
13 km/h = 30s          18 km/h = 95s          23 km/h = 185s        28 km/h = 300s
14 km/h = 40s          19 km/h = 110s        24 km/h = 205s        29 km/h = 325s
15 km/h = 50s          20 km/h = 125s        25 km/h = 225s        30 km/h = 350s
Over 30 km/h over the limit = disqualification

Failure to comply with these restrictions will be penalized as follows:

First infringement: Warning if under 10km/h over. $200 fine plus time penalty if more than 10km/h over.

Second infringement: $300 fine (total) plus time penalty added to the team’s time in the rally.

Third infringement: $600 fine (total), Exclusion and forfeiture of entry fee.

Recce Vehicle

During recce, competitors may use any street licensed vehicle. Competing vehicles are permitted to participate so long as they are street licensed and insured for the recce period (as well as the rally, of course).



The designated service area will be the back 1/3 of the Happy Valley parking lot. A map will be provided at recce registration, and the service location will be accessible Saturday evening after the snowx has concluded. If possible, please park empty trailers in the long term parking area at the turnoff to Happy Valley; enclosed or gear-laden trailers will be accommodated.

Competitors, crew and volunteers are encouraged to park their daily drivers at the far end of the lot to allow Big White visitors to use the parking closest to the resort. The Happy Valley parking lot space is courtesy of the resort; therefore, the organizers request that instructions regarding allotted space and locations be followed in order to share the lot respectfully with visitors, to promote a cooperative image of rallysport to the resort.



Judges of Fact         From the beginning of registration until 2 hours after the awards presentation all judges of fact listed in the GCRs as well as event marshals will be declared to be “Judges of Fact”, for quiet zone violations, recce violations, and those facts listed in CARS GCR 6.3.2.

Odometer Check     An odometer check will be provided at registration.

Website                     The event website is

Notice Board            Rally time and notice board will be available at registration, Inn at Big White conference room until it closes on Friday night and at registration on Saturday. It will be at the mobile HQ / scoring vehicle near service on Sunday, and moved to the awards party, Happy Valley Day Lodge after the rally.

Overnight Parking    The event is arranging optional indoor overnight parking for competing vehicles on Saturday night. This is expected to be at The Inn at Big White, in the same garage as technical inspection and the introduction of officials Sunday morning.



A variety of accommodations is available at Big White and competitors are encouraged to stay at the resort. Group rates have been arranged for the Inn at Big White and other resort accommodations

To Book:

Email your request, along with the below information, to the Big White Groups Department at and we will contact you directly to secure your booking.

Please mention Special Code 2H and provide the following information:

Number of people in your booking

Address, email and phone number

Arrival and departure date

Where you would like to stay and any requirements (i.e. hotel, condo, private hot tub, full kitchen)

Any activities you would like to book (i.e. 2 day adult ski pass)

If you have any questions please call the resort at 250-491-6174 or 250-491-6176


Resort Amenities

Not all resort facilities are available in the early season. To ensure there are meals available during the weekend, an early breakfast will be arranged for Saturday and Sunday morning. More information regarding resort services will be communicated by bulletin as the event nears.

Awards Party

The rally awards and buffet will be held in the Happy Valley Day Lodge, upper level. Extra tickets will be available for $25. The podium ceremony will be held in front of the Day Lodge, so competitors are encouraged to head to the party right after the final MTC, where instructions regarding the podiums will be provided.

While not an official event, it is expected the after party will start at Snowshoe Sam’s.

Volunteer Billeting and Transportation

Please notify the volunteer coordinator ( if your team is able to carpool with volunteers traveling from your area, or if you have extra accommodation space for volunteers.



Big White Winter Rally Sponsor: Big White Ski Resort
The Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru
Frontech Solutions Inc.